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Independence Day Minute

Apr 26, 2019

Matthew finds something interesting and something disturbing this Friday and lets the whole pod know about it. Plus, we go theory-heavy as we try to make sense of this alien tech!


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Apr 24, 2019

We bank in to Wednesday and switch to sidewinders, to talk about formations, foxes, and squad comms. Johann wonders about missiles, Matthew wonders about extra wide screen goodies, and Alex wonders about our podcast’s inconsistent censorship rules!


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Apr 22, 2019

Monday’s episode is a banger! Yes, we’ve got some great big bangs and booms. The counter attack has started, and the humans have found out a very important detail. While Johann expresses his disdain for Jimmy, Alex and Matthew try to figure out what the hell the President is actually looking at!



Apr 21, 2019

Johann “Sick Bag” Joseph and Matthew “Hot Shower” Soto take on Friday’s episode, with a look at fighter pilot nicknames, normal everyday plane rides, and a sweet yet somewhat spicy inaccuracy of the week.


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Facebook: Independence Day Minute Listener's Squadron

Apr 19, 2019

Matthew and Johann return with some classic 90s HBO talk, trying to figure out if Harry Connick Jr’s show even existed at all. Join us as we look at the movie’s workhorse fighter jet, the F-18 Hornet, and try our best to treat HCJ’s accent as if it never existed at all!